Educational Process and Creativity

Educational Process and Creativity

Over the centuries people have considered creativity as a way of ‘beautifying the environment, a form of self-expression and communication, or a way of understanding, opening up or coping with the previously unknown’. Nowadays, creativity is seen as the main condition for the development and existence of high technologies such as microelectronics or cybernetics. At the same time, it has penetrated into all scopes of life: science, culture, arts, agriculture, industry, engineering, management, government, armed forces and other fields. Therefore, creative people are considered as ‘the vital resource needed to meet and conquer competition for markets and market shares, for instance through creative design and creative production or marketing’.Besides, it causes the emergence of creative transformational leaders and progressive managers who work on innovations in all scopes of the modern life including government, military forces and other state institutions. Therefore, creativity is seen as the key point to establish certain conditions for the rapid development of economic, political, social, scientific, and cultural life of each contemporary country by modernizing all industrial branches and improving education and healthcare with the further growth of democracy and stability.

Basically, creativity consists of three main elements: novelty, effectiveness, and ethicality. They characterize a final product of the creative work, as well as an idea or method of its making. At the same time, creativity describes a person who did the work from the point of view on his or her ‘abilities, knowledge, skills, motives, attitudes and values, as well as, personal properties such as openness, flexibility, or courage’. Each individual has inherited properties and the acquired ones, and one of the main tasks of a teacher or an educator is to develop the necessary skills in her or his students in order to help them to become creative persons. Educational settings play one of the most important roles in enhancing creativity in students because the future development of the necessary properties depends on certain educational processes and environment created by a teacher or an educator.

Unfortunately, teachers can also block creativity in their learners. Each individual has certain psychological properties which can be divided into four groups, ‘general and specific knowledge, thinking skills related to creativity, motivation, and personal properties’. Some teachers can block creativity by elementary inattentiveness to their students, for instance, by not motivating them. As a rule, students are very sensitive to marks and teachers’ attitudes to learning. They form their own point of view on the educational process in particular and on their life in the school as a whole. Therefore, each injustice can lead to the block of creativity. It is necessary to recognize one’s own mistakes for creating the proper environment in the class. Yet teacher’s job might be overwhelming at times and some tools like plagiarism checker for teachers might help to automate these processes and allocate more time to motivate students. Teacher is also a leader that not only punishes them for mistakes, but helps them to gain knowledge and improve their creative properties for becoming …

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How do I stand out in the crowded Graduate Labour Market?

How do I stand out in the crowded Graduate Labour Market?

There was once a time when simply having been to university to get any old degree was enough to set you up for life. In the 1960s, only 4% of school leavers went to university. Half a century on, almost half of school leavers do so. Naturally, this means it’s not only far more difficult to stand out, but that more and more jobs and professions require a university degree as a minimum entry requirement.

What can you do about this?

Now that the degree itself is simply the minimum requirement as opposed to the differentiating factor in your attractiveness to prospective employers, you need to find other ways to shine.

You could opt to enhance your studies by bolting on either a Year Abroad or a paid Year in Industry. Most UK universities now offer these options as standard for many of their courses, and both options will complement your mandatory academic pursuits with experiences that are designed to shape you into the kind of well-rounded candidate that graduate employers look for in their new recruits. However, precisely because most universities offer these options across many of their degree courses, taking this route isn’t, in and of itself, necessarily enough to give you the elusive differentiator over the competition for that graduate scheme you’ve had your eyes on.

Relevant work and work experience

There are, of course, other ways of obtaining the necessary ‘relevant experience’ which prospective employers crave. You could volunteer in a related field, or if you’re lucky enough to have friend or family connections in a relevant workplace, try to obtain some experience there as well. Equally, you could work part-time during the summer holidays on a summer school, imparting your academic knowledge onto the next potential generation of high-flying students. There are plenty of these types of organisation around, such as this one in Oxford, and they’re often on the lookout for the right talent.

Bringing it all together

Ultimately, securing a graduate level position in the most crowded of market places is all about marketing yourself. So think like a marketer. For instance:

  • What are your key skills which help to define your unique selling proposition (USP)?
  • How does your level of analytical thought or skill in a particular area positively differentiate you from the competition?
  • How do you select the right communications channels to get your message across?

If you’re still at university, you can seek advice on how to do all this and much more by arranging an appointment with a professional from your university careers service. Even if you’ve left, they’ll usually still help you if you’ve only recently finished. Remember, they have a vested interest in helping you to secure a good job after graduating because universities need to maintain positive post-graduation employment figures. These are impactful to their league table positions, which in turn are a key factor in terms of recruiting the next generation of students.

So don’t delay! Speak with your careers advisers today …

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All You Need to Know about the Write My Term Paper

All You Need to Know about the Write My Term Paper

The Internet is the major solution of almost all of our problems, and there is almost nothing that can’t be solved by the internet. Being a student, you realize that the internet has proven to be a great source for any type of the educational help. You can use the internet, but sometimes you are so busy that you wish that you could make the internet do your work. Today, you can do it because now the Internet helps you to get professional help, and you can make some professional writers write the term paper for you. This will make it easy for you to manage your time, as well as to give time to the other subjects and other things that you deal with in your life. You don’t have to make a habit of it, but sometimes things get very stressful, and that is where you will appreciate this kind of help. That is exactly why you should know about such services. Well, talking about such services, we should know that there are the websites that help students with writing their term papers. One of such websites is Write My Term Papers – one of the best websites that you should know about. You will be glad to get their help, and they not only help you to write the term papers! Moreover, they will also help you to revise the ones that you have written yourself. So, you can turn in a quality term paper and earn better grades.

Write My Term Papers

Write My Term Papers is one of the best writing services for you, with all the professional writers that the best at their job. You can get the term paper written, no matter which country you belong to because it is an online academic help for all the students. Plus, it doesn’t matter, which subject you want someone to help you with – you can find writers in that certain category and get their help. They have a lot of different writers, who specialize in some specific categories. That is how you can get the paper written in any of the disciplines. All the materials written by this completely professional company are of the writing style you want your paper to be written in.  At any time of the day, you can get the quality product written for you. So, now you can get the quality paper written at such a moderate price. The price ranges at this website, which means you can find a perfect fit for all the projects that you can afford.


Now, if you are wondering, “Who will write my term paper?”, you must know that they have the writers of this website that are highly qualified and well-experienced. This is why you should get their help. They are also very cooperative, and you can read their reviews, which will help you to know if they are exactly what they claim to be. You can select the …

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Motivational Speakers For Young People today Are In Higher Demand

Youth Motivational SpeakersIf you need help to provide motivational speeches to the youth, you have to have to have an understanding of certain factors prior to starting. This Motivational Audiobook is for the folks who are really serious about their life and are actually willing to commit to it. If you are one of them, then take your 1st initiative to the ladders of good results. For instance, a motivational video that sorts Lance Armstrong’s implausible voyage back from cancer to retrieve his spot as the number 1 cyclist in the sphere is an inspiriting tale that leaves handful of unaffected.

Schools can select more positive role models that leave a lasting impression on every single kid by applying a reputable speakers bureau. Combining his entrepreneurial spirit with his passion for altering the lives of youth across the nation, he started CoolSpeak: The Youth Engagement Enterprise.

Motivational speakers can give insight on challenges that are critical inside the office and let personnel to produce new ideas and aid them study to perform collectively as a group. At these essential moments, young people today may possibly be more receptive to a motivational speaker’s message, either simply because they are concerned about the future or open to possibilities.

A renowned motivational video although does not call for a star anchor to inspire. This form of motivational speaker has overcome a unique obstacle or intense difficulty in his or her life. Priya Kumar is an Indian motivational speaker , corporate trainer , columnist, radio jockey and author.

They anticipate you, the motivational speaker, to be in a position to supply them with the data that they are hunting for, so constantly be ready. Over five years, I have addressed every single Youth and Youth Adult audience a speaker can speak to and inspire. Principals and college leadership directors obtain dozens of brochures and letters with regards to inspiring speakers.…

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Announcing Malcolm Gladwell As An Imagine 2014 Keynote Speaker

Keynote SpeakerThe use of Social Media has turn into considerably a lot more considerable in the business globe than merely a networking platform or a passing phase in socializing. By all signifies ask speakers to provide draft slides just before the occasion, to guarantee that their messaging is fully aligned. What they want to hear, from eight rows back, is how it is to interact with the keynote speaker personally. Quite a few corporate event organisers contemplate it is important to use a senior executive or larger management for the keynote presenter.

Many event organizers today ask to do a conference get in touch with with the possible keynote speakers, as it allows them to assess their relevant experience, and the strategy they propose for the keynote. He is also a regular blogger, podcaster and expert speaker specializing in leadership , technique execution and experienced growth.

A keynote speaker is a business achiever, an economist, a government official, a futurist, an antiquarian or a speaker picked mixed bag of distinct orders. Scott’s exclusive expertise is wide and deep: He has a present for producing complicated ideas effortlessly understood.

This must be accomplished as early as probable to give the speaker ample time to prepare in the midst of what is likely to be an incredibly busy schedule. He has been voted by his peers and clientele as one particular of the Top rated 5 Futurists and Technologies Speakers each and every year due to the fact the award system began.

Scheduled for the final day of the convention, the Closing Keynote caps off our IFEA convention attendees’ experience with 1 final energetic and motivating general session speaker, leaving a positive and lasting impression with attendees ahead of sending them residence to eagerly try out the new information and facts and tips they’ve gathered.…

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