Body Language Hacks to Use in IES Interviews

While going for the interview of your dream job, i.e., the job under the Indian Engineering Services, make sure you fit your best and don’t stand a chance of losing the opportunity. Body language is the first thing any interviewer keeps note of before even beginning with the interview.

Body language hacks to use in IES interviews

So, you need to be very careful about your body language if you want to make your impression count for your selection. The following hacks will definitely let you crack your interview in no time:

  1. Confidence is the key

Confidence is the weapon which has the potential to kill any speck of doubt arising out of any curiosity level. Since the interviewer knows very well that you are a budding Engineer and you need a job at a workplace which needs people who are brimmed up with confidence, you must have a good show of your confidence even if you are really nervous deep in some corners of your heart.

You have to either have the genuine confidence or a fake one to fool the interviewer if you want to grab the job. Showing a lack of confidence can lead to a poor show you might have to regret later when the results get announced. So, make sure you have an air of self-confidence in whatever you speak, do, or exhibit while answering the interviewer.

  1. Smile it up

A smile is infectious and doesn’t have any language. Wearing one will make your examiner believe that you have a soul which is full of optimism and mirth and that you will prove a bane to any institution you get employed into. Do not show any signs of bad temper or drooling eyes.  Just make up a good mind and hold up a good smile. Throw this weapon in a wise manner; smiling just at any smart question might give a wrong impression to the employer. So, smile at constant intervals and never forget to surprise the interviewer with the mirth you carry within yourself.

  1. “Eye to Eye” works

Always keep eye contact with the interviewer. Make sure; he never feels that you need to run away from the question or you are bored with the session or that you are scared. Look into his/her eyes fiercely and boldly while talking to him or responding to his queries.

It is possible that the examiner may give up his tendency to threaten you and fall for the courage you carry. Making eye contact also means that you are bold and daring enough to beat the fear of the interview within yourself so nicely that you don’t even fear the interviewer whose approval you desperately want to get hired. This will definitely make you the show stealer and will give the employer an insight of the fearless personality you carry which has the capability of fighting any hurdles that obstruct your path in a challenging manner.

  1. Maintain the posture

Posture is the most important hack. If your arms are not straight or your head is low, it will definitely let down yourself as an employee in front of the interviewer. He might even stop judging you on other parameters once he notices any wrong posture in your body language.

The posture you carry defined yourself and the energy you carry within yourself. The correct posture makes the interviewer decide that you are capable of being actively involved in the daily schedule you need to perform once you get selected for the job. An incorrect one, on the other hand, makes him / her lose his interest in you as a prospective employee

  1. Do focus on movements

Before you make any kind of movements, make sure they are purposeful and not irritating. Sometimes people just start shaking their legs or rubbing their hands, unnecessary. These are counted as wrong etiquettes.

The interviewer will never tolerate such kind of behaviour at any cost. Also, make sure you make proper hand movements while talking to/ explaining your points to the interviewer. These hand movements are actually an add-on to your confidence part.

Maintaining the appropriate body language is the first and foremost step any interviewee needs to take before he steps into an interview. Following the above-mentioned hacks will surely help in giving a quality watch to the aspirants applying for the IES.