3 ways to study more effectively

3 ways to study more effectively

When it’s time to study, it always seems like there’s not enough time to study. Between friends, family, and downtime, studying doesn’t always fit in, at least as much as it should. So when you do find time to study, it’s worth squeezing as much out of that time as possible.

With that in mind, take a look at these 3 tips which are proven to help you study more effectively.

Stay focused and avoid distractions

Whether you’re at home, in school or on campus, having the discipline to stay focused is a must for anyone wanting to get more out of their study time.

Avoid phones, social media, TV or anything else which you know will make your eye wonder. Close down instant messengers on your laptop, remove notifications – keep it all out so you can be truly focus on the task in hand.

For students, this can be tough in class, as there’s 20 or so other people in a relatively small room. Try to keep focused on what the teach is saying, take notes and ask questions.

Plan, plan, then plan some more

Effective studying doesn’t happen by itself. Regular studying doesn’t even happen by itself. Make time and plan a study schedule around you other commitments. An hour of studying a day, spread over the month, is roughly equivalent to a full week at school.

Plan what, how and where you’re going to study. Look at which areas you need to focus on more over others and prioritise. Set goals for each of your study sessions, so you know exactly what you’re trying to achieve. This can help to keep the momentum as you tick of a goal each evening.

Work with others

Talking to classmates about how they study can be a big help. They can share tips and advice on different approaches. Share and compare notes with classmates to see if either of you missed anything. Keep an eye out for study groups either in or out of school or college.

If it’s exam season, consider buddying up with a classmate to keep each other motivated to study. Look at each other’s goals and help each other reach them. Having someone to keep you on track can be the difference between a full evenings study and sneaking off to play video games.

Look beyond your school or university for opportunities to learn. Taking extra classes can be very beneficial. The same can be said for taking up a summer course.

Studying more effectively doesn’t necessarily mean spending more time studying. Try studying smarter, and get more out of the limited time you have.